Bell Sound Studios NYC





Bell Sound Studios N.Y.C. 

Spring 1959  

picture just before our 2nd trip to NY


     With the addition of John Chappell to the band we were in the creative mode again and had added quite a few new original songs to our repertoire. So, it was decided we needed another trip to New York for a taping session.  We wanted to get them recorded and processed for our planned up and coming record releases.  So far It was hard to find a sponsor to promote and  market our music.  They all liked our sound but didn't want to commit just yet.  Maybe with a few more songs to pick from we'd have better luck.  We were also looking into the possibility of starting the bands own record label.  The record business can be tough sometimes but all you can do is keep plugging on. 

The second trip down to New York was less stressful for me.  We took Don's father's old car.  Don (The Gator) drove.  His father took the brand new pink Cadillac.  Quite a car...  Flashy....  Cool !

We arrived in New York this time in the daylight so it was easier to see where we were going. We found the studio, parked and unloaded the car.  

The studio was a little different this time.  They had added bigger partitions and it seemed more cluttered.  I didn't like where they put Don and his drums.  He had his own little booth like space.  It was next to impossible to get any visual cues from him.  Oh well, they hadn't put me in charge so I guess I should mind my own business. Set up and the sound check went like clock work, then we were ready for recording.. We were old veterans at this now.   

All the songs we played that day were vocals, no instrumentals.  Chappell's, "Hear Me Cry" was the only one I can remember.  It was good and I think he was impressed with the way they made it sound with the echo and all.  The rest of the time I can remember singing background with George Leh and some of the other guys.  George was a character who sang with us sometimes.  He had a visual handicap but that was never a problem.  Nice guy.. also played the piano.  I liked George. 

After another successful recording session, it was time for the long trip home.  Yes, boys and girls we would do it again.  Down and back in one shot.. Accept this time we took a wrong turn and wound up going up the New York State Thruway, over the Tapenze Bridge to Rt 2 outside Troy New York.  Then over the Berkshires to Greenfield.  Boy, what a long ride! 


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