By late 1959 a lot had happened.  The most important thing was we graduated from high school and had to find a way to support ourselves.  I liked it better when our parents did it.  

Don, John Chappell and I took a  job at Estey Organ Co. in Brattleboro Vt. and commuted back and forth everyday. We kept up our band activities and still had a lot of optimism.  Then one day came the news that the company was closing its plant in Brattleboro and moving to California.  They gave all the employees the option of moving with them and they would guarantee us a job. This turned out to be another major turning point  in my life. 

After many weeks of struggling, thinking about the band and what I was going to do, I decided it was best to get some kind of skill or education I could use to support myself in the future.  The USAF had offered me a career in electronics which had always been an interest of mine. Well, with a great deal of pain and sorrow I decided to leave the band I love and join the Air Force. It wasn't an easy decision but one I had to make.  I still wonder to this day what would have happened if I decided not to leave. 

The band has been a big part of my thoughts over the years and I remember all the wonderful things we did and all the crazy situations we found ourselves in. The best group of guys I ever knew and still know.

So, I'm afraid that my Northern Lights story must end here.  I can not write about the band I don't know but I can tell you this.  There is much much more.  May I suggest you follow the link below to the Rockabilly Hall of Fame and pick up the Northern Lights story.  Its fun and exciting to know it goes on. 

Thanks for visiting this site and stop by again. Remember 50's Rock and Roll was more than music....  It was wonderful place in time. 

Rick K on Sax



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