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57,58, 59 + the 1963 Cash Box Top 100

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1959 to 196-

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Gigs 1

Spring 1958


After our debut at the Victoria Theater we were in desperate need of  working capitol so it was decided we could use a fundraiser and get some more public exposure.  Don put together a gig at the E&N Rolardrome in Brattleboro Vt.  I think.  This a foggy memory for me.  It was advertised in the paper and also with handouts.  We weren't sure what kind of a crowd we would get but it was exciting and we all couldn't wait. 


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The "Sapphires"

Rock N' Roll


Thursday May 21st,  7:30 to 10:30 pm

admission 75c

E&N Rollerdrome



Well, we didn't make enough to buy our Cadillac but we all had a good time and so did the crowd of people that showed up.  God I love this band. 

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