In Memory



In Memory


John Kawecki

The sudden passing of John was shocking and upset us greatly. 

He was and will forever be a great friend.  His music will be with us always. 

God speed John

John Kawecki  -  Nov 11 2010


Mary Suchanek     29 Sept 2002

What can I say...  She was loved by all and without her, the band would have never been what it became...


 and     Alan Orkins  16 Mar 2002
We miss you



 John Kozik

Aug 8 2004

This is a hard update to write today.

     Last night while talking to Don on the phone I heard that John Kozik had left us. The news came as a shock for me because I didnít know that John was sick. It seems like yesterday we were laughing and having a grand ole time at the reunion at Donís house. Everything was great.  We all had fun remembering the old times. John looked great but just a tad less hair. We talked, he smiled and said how good it was be there.

John, I wish I could turn back the clock and spend more time with you. You left without saying good bye. It has been a great privilege for me to share those wonderful times with you. You have, and always will, make me smile when I think about you.



Bob Rider

     Northern Lights lead guitar and singer Bob Rider,  Left us on March 10th 2012  This was totally unexpected and has left us all with great sadness. . .  His music was unique and very creative. . .  His guitar skills were superb and he made the Northern Lights sound great. . .  We all can still hear him singing   "All Alone " which he also wrote. . .  Although we never met I have enjoyed his music, and so have countless others.

Rest in peace Robert Rider


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