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In Memory


In Memory


John Kawecki


The sudden passing of John was shocking and upset us greatly.  He was and will forever be a great friend.  His music will be with us always. 

God speed John

John Kawecki  -  Nov 11 2010




Mary Suchanek     29 Sept 2002





 and     Alan Orkins  16 Mar 2002


We miss you both



 John Kozik

Aug 8 2004

This is a hard update to write today.

Last night while talking to Don on the phone I heard that John Kozik had left us. The news came as a shock for me because I didnít know that John was sick. It seems like yesterday we were laughing and having a grand ole time at the reunion at Donís house. Everything was great.  We all had fun remembering the old times. John looked great but just a tad less hair. We talked, he smiled and said how good it was be there.

John, I wish I could turn back the clock and spend more time with you. You left without saying good bye. It has been a great privilege for me to share those wonderful times with you. You have, and always will, make me smile when I think about you.




Northern Lights lead guitar and singer Bob Rider,  Left us on March 10th 2012

This was totally unexpected and has left us all with great sadness. . .

His music was unique and very creative. . .  His guitar skills were superb and he made the Northern Lights sound great. . .

We all can still hear him singing   "All Alone " which he also wrote. . .  Although we never met I have enjoyed his music, and so have countless others.


Rest in peace Robert Rider