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Northern Lights 1959 to 196-


     Although I had left the band at this point Don G. has asked me to put more information about the "Northern Lights" on the web site so the whole story can be told.  How could I say no? 

     So, without any further delay here we go.

It seams that I missed one of the big events of  late 1959.  Don has told me that 3 disk jockeys in the Keene New Hampshire area were given one of our proof records to play on the radio to see what kind of response it would have.  The response was so great that the disk jockeys organized a dance at the High School and invited the band to play.  They had big signs made welcoming the Northern Lights and hung them from the ceiling of the gym.  The band was treated with celebrity status and both the crowd and the band loved it.  They even had the individual band members dance with the fans and sign autographs. You know, it's too bad The Northern Lights didn't have any records to sell at that time because all the ingredients for success were there, disk jockeys, fans, the right timing, and great sounding band.   Who knows what might have been.  From what I understand everyone was asking for records......Oh well, I guess we'll never know.  

All and all,  It sounds like the band had a great time because everyone still remembers it to this day. I wish that I had been there.   Can you believe it, that was about 45 years ago.  I know, I know don't remind me how long ago it was.


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