The Songs

The Songs



The .mid files are downloadable.  For your information, the mp3's are original Northern Lights Recordings and were made in the Bell Sound Studios in New York City at  the first recording session the summer of 1958.  The song "Hear Me Cry" was recorded the same place but in the fall of 1959.  

If you are interested in receiving the Northern Lights CD with all the available songs of the "Band" (Northern Lights & Busters) please send me a e-mail and I'll make sure you get one.


Labels From the Album  "College Hop"    33label1.jpg (169864 bytes)  33label2.jpg (206719 bytes)



Original ........    Astronauts.mp3     Frankenstein No9.mp3     Typhoid.mp3       Slick Chick.mp3

The original songs above are available in .mp3 format if you send me a request via e-mail.  Each one is over 1mb so please only request one at a time.  I will be happy to send it to you as an attachment to your e-mail.   For more songs you will want to order the CD.  


The CD

1-Bustout   2-Astronauts   3-Saphire Rock   4-The Swirl  5-Do You Know    6-All Alone    7-Summertime    8-Rokin Piper    9-Frankenstein #9    10-Please Love Me Now    11-Slick Chick    12-Typhoid    13-Talk About Love    14-Let's Rock    15-Blue Meteor Rock    16-St. Louis Blues    17-Age For Love    18-Hear Me Cry    19-Shortnin Bread    20-Deep Red



other songs in our Repertoire   tequila.mid   blueberry.mid

Blackout  -  All American Surfer -   Pine Tree Hop  -  Heartaches  -  Torid Zone  -    Swirl -


These songs are Lloyd Price songs which were favorites of ours....

Lawdy Miss Clawdy" ('52 #1 R&B)
"Oooh, Oooh, Oooh" ('52 #4 R&B)
"Ain't It A Shame" ('53 #4 R&B)
"Just Because" ('57 #3 R&B, #29 Pop)
"Stagger Lee" ('58 #1 R&B, #1 Pop)
"Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day)" ('59 #4 R&B, #23 Pop)
"Personality" ('59 #1 R&B, #2 Pop)
"I'm Gonna Get Married" ('59 #1 R&B, #3 Pop)
"Come Into My Heart" ('59 #2 R&B, #20 Pop)
"Lady Luck" ('60 #3 R&B #14 Pop)
"No If's - No And's" ('60 #40 Pop)
"Question" ('60 #19 Pop)
"Misty" ('63 #21 Pop)


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